Live Casino

Live Casino or Live Dealer CasinoLive Dealer Casino UK is a relatively new addition and concept in UK online casinos. Although there was nothing wrong with the normal form of online casino, live casino UK offers an updated experience. Playing this way means that you are playing in real-time and have live dealers. You can see them and also speak to the dealer and other players via live chat. Hence, this is one of the most exciting ways to play casino games and access the best casino bonus UK. To understand how this works and try it yourself, keep reading this article.
You have a dealer who in real time talks with you and takes care of your gambling. Be careful, it’s a dealer or croupier, which depends on the kind of casino game you choose to play live, so you connect to an actual casino where a person already has a game running. Virtually you sit down at the table, next to other players who also play live casino, and do your bet. In the meantime, if you want, you can contact your dealer or croupier through a chatbox. You will be answered either by chat, but usually by the dealer talking directly to you. It is an extremely fun way to play online casinos and we will be sure to see very much live casino 2021. Remember to always play moderately and only if you are at least 18 years old!

Live Online Casino in the UK

Once you have decided that you want to enjoy casino games this way, you have to find a legit site. As they will have to be regulated, you can check on their site if the British Gambling Commission covers them. It is very unlikely that the top sites will not be regulated, but it is best to make sure. Check if you can get fast withdrawals, as not all casinos will be able to offer this.
Once you have selected one of the best live online casinos to use, then you have to check it offers what you want. You will often get the chance of a bonus with no deposit, which is a good one to take. If a company does regularly offer this, you will not want to miss out when the offer comes around. To ensure you always get them, ensure their email address is in your whitelist.

How to Play Live Casino UK

How to start your live casino experience?

  • Select the instant casino you want to play with.
  • Set up your account and be aware that they will want honest answers regarding name, address, age, and bank details.
  • To make sure you stick to your limits, set the amount you want to deposit each week.
  • Next, select the game you want to¬†play¬†at the casino.

There are many to choose from, including Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Gameshows, and Live Poker.

How to Play Games at an Online Live Casino UK?

All games will have something special to draw in players. It will make it easier for you to decide which your favourite is if you know how to play them all. Roulette is not hugely different when played in a UK live casinoOnline live casino UK than if it is played in a brick-and-mortar casino. The only difference is the time limit counting down. Blackjack is quickly becoming the most popular and best UK casino games. You are still playing against the dealer, so are able to interact with them. Rules have not changed, and you still need a higher number than theirs without breaking 21.
Not everyone can play Baccarat, as some are new to it, but you will soon pick it up. It would be good to try this if you get a bonus. There is a special area where the bets are laid. Before cards are drawn, you will be told if your bet has been placed. Again, you play the dealer, so make sure you know the value of each card.
Live game shows cover programs such as Deal or no Deal and games like Monopoly. The live host takes you through the¬†live casino games¬†and explains bonuses and multipliers. Poker is said to be the game that most easily transfers from casino to online, with Texas Hold ‚ÄėEm being the most popular. You play the dealer and use the cards they deal and what is on the table.

Best Live Casinos Online Sites

Casino Games Live Casino Bonus Wagering Loyalty Bonus
PokerStars Spin a Win, Blackjack, Roulette £10 no deposit 35 x Yes Roulette, Baccarat £10 no deposit 50 x Yes
Casumo Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Game Shows 100% up to £25 30 x Yes

Difference Between Online and Live Casino Sites

Ultimately the difference comes down to the fact what you can feel that you are in a real casino with Live Casinos. There is a dealer in front of you, and the game is played in real-time. You can see the ball through a streaming video as it spins or the cards as they are drawn. Interaction with the dealer is a big draw. The chat is a big part of the fun for many players.
When the game is filmed from a real casino, it is even more authentic. For many, the use of a dealer, especially an elegant one, makes the games to be fairer. They are happier with live dealer casinos.

Live Casinos FAQs

No, each company will offer something different. You need to read the T&Cs to see what applies to the site you are on.

Some sites will be mobile optimized, and others will not. You need to check each site.

No, it is purely one way. The dealer can never see you. Thus, you can have fun and attain your goal of playing.

You can wager as much as you want as long as you will do it within the rules of the casino. Check what their minimum and maximum amounts are.

Several game developers constantly work with live casinos of different kinds. The market leaders in this category of casino games are Evolution Gaming, which has a fantastic range of games made for a wide variety of platforms. Many casinos collaborate with Evolution Gaming, thus offering large portions of their gaming offerings through live casinos in 2021. In addition to Evolution Gaming, British NetEnt and Microgaming are some of the game developers who are increasingly starting to play live casinos in 2021.

The most common, and most popular, games are BlackJack, Roulette, and Baccarat, all of which are more or less offered at most casinos receiving live casinos. However, there are many variants if you are looking around among all the different online casinos. The biggest game developers also expand their entire range of games, so slowly but surely it will be guaranteed to be all games that may be interesting to try.