Super Spins

Super spins have recently been launched by some UK-Gambling , and it is an opportunity for you as a player to earn a lot of money. British online casino has been constantly developed to enable you to find new exciting ways to play at the casino, and as part of this we have now got SuperSpins. Free Spins are already commonly available as a bonus or the like when you make a deposit, register or anything else at British casino.

Now, superspins have come as a step in development, and there are maximized free spins with the ability to win in a single spin on a so-called Super Spin!

SuperSpin - Casumo

In most cases, free spins are not worth as much per spin, as opposed to superspins. As a player, you usually get relatively many free spins while they are worth only 0.1 crown or the like. A super spin can really be worth just about anything and for example, the British casino Casumo delivers super spins worth 3 Euro Styck! Such a high bet on a single spin can result in up to $ 30,000 in profit, on a single super spin!

Casumo has a Super Sunday, and then you can often enjoy their Super Spins by making a smaller deposit, playing for a specific sum or something else. In reward you get some superspins and therefore the opportunity to win a lot. Make sure that these concepts and bonuses apply before you start playing. Always read the bonus terms at the casino before.

SuperSpins - Karl Casino

Another British casino that has so far offered super spins is Karl Casino . When Karl Casino offered their players on superpins, they were worth 10 crowns, and of course they could also deliver a really big amount of money. Compared to free spins that could be worth 10 ounces, then a super spin in this case was worth 100 times as much! Winnings on slot machines multiplied by the bet, if you had a free spin won for example $ 10, you would have won 100 times more, 10,000 crowns, through a super spin. Make sure that these concepts and bonuses apply before you start playing. Always read the bonus terms at the casino before.

superspin karl casino super spin

Since it is a very good reward for you as a player, the casino can not share the superspins all too often. However, occasionally, we will keep you updated on when one of our online casino games has a great deal of super spins. It's always good to keep up to date with our Casino News  to get to know the best bonus at all our British casinos - and then even the superspins!

SuperSpin - Here to stay

We think the super spins are here to stay. To get a super spin in bonus is something that really can get the adrenaline to pump and that a single super spin can deliver so high profits may have anyone wanting to get these. As mentioned above, a super spin can be worth 3 Euro, and in the future maybe even more. It's 30 times more than many free spins today are worth, so you have the chance to win 30 times more on one spin. At present, there are only a few British casinos that use this, but we will definitely keep up to date when there is a new casino where you can get super spins. If you already love free spins, superspins will suit you like the hand in the glove. Remember to always play with moderation and only if you are 18+ years old.

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