Slots – Guide and Reviews for Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most popular to play at UK-Gambling today. Slots of various kinds have been around for a very long time and have always been a lot of play at casinos, bars, and similar establishments, but in recent years, the use of slot machines has been taken to a whole new level of online casino. Keep in mind that you who play online with money must be at least 18 years old. Always play responsibly!

In connection with technology, the development of these slot machines has been low-level. Many of us, yet today, look like a slot machine is what we formerly called one-armed bandits. A big machine where you, as a player, pulled in an arm for a number of symbols to spin on the three wheels of the machine. In this way, the slot machine also appeared for many years. If you are interested, you can read about the slot’s history and how the development has been like up to now this. What we at have chosen to focus on in this category is how the slot machine looks and operates at the moment on the casino online. Below you will be able to read all that has with a jackpot, free spins, bonus, symbols, and much more that comes with slot machines.

In addition, we will write reviews of the latest slot machines that come from major gaming agents such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, and others. You can see these reviews directly below. If you want to read more about features, symbols, jackpot, and so on, this information is a little further down:

Reviews – Slot Machines:

  • 4 Seasons
  • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  • Age of the Gods: King of Olympus
  • Asgardian Stones
  • BerryBurst MAX
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Big Bot Crew
  • Birds!
  • Blood Eternal
  • Bollywood Story
  • Butterfly Staxx
  • Carnaval
  • Charms & Clovers
  • Cuckoo
  • Diamond Vapor
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Divine Fortune Jackpot
  • Dwarfs Gone Wild
  • Eastern Emeralds
  • Finn and the Swirly Spin
  • Football: Champions Cup
  • Frankenlots Monster
  • Frankenstein
  • Fruitoids
  • Gold Factory
  • Hanzos Dojo
  • Hellboy
  • Immortal Romance
  • Imperial Opera
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Jungle Jim – El Dorado
  • Jurassic World
  • King Kong
  • Lost Relics
  • Lucha Maniacs
  • Michael Jackson – King of Pop
  • Motorhead
  • Mr. Greens Old Jolly Grand Tour of Europe
  • Ogre Empire
  • Northern Sky
  • Reel Spinner
  • Secrets of Atlantis
  • Shoot!
  • Sin City Nights
  • Six Acrobats
  • Sunny Shores
  • Swipe & Roll
  • Tarzan
  • Titanic
  • Theme Park – Tickets of Fortune
  • The Mask
  • Top Gun
  • Twerk
  • Warlords: Crystals of Power
  • What A Hoot
  • When Pigs Fly
  • Wild Chase

The development of slot machines goes faster than ever, and all game providers are constantly delivering new variants and features in their slot machines, which means that what was generally considered to be free spins, wild, scatter, and bonus lanes, has been transformed to appear and operate in a variety of different ways. move forward. For this reason, as mentioned above, we will make various reviews of specific slot machines and how they work accurately. We are of course very pleased that this development is happening and for us as a player, a casino online becomes an extremely much more fun place to be on when we test on numerous casino games that work differently, having different features consist of a fantastic 3D graphics and sound effects that make us think we are in a movie theater.

Slot Machines – Winning Lines

When you play a slot machine, one of the first parts you need to know about winning lines. In our Casino Lexikon, you can get short information about lots of different terms regarding casinos. It is the UK’s largest casino dictionary. Anyway, in the old good times, there was only one payline on a slot machine. It was the line that hit me through the three (later usually five) wheels. After that, variants came in with winning lines going at the upper and lower parts, and then it was also possible to win on diagonal lines. This became about five profit lines. Today, this has been expanded somewhat immensely and at most newer slot machines at British casinos online today you see 20-25 paylines many times. You can easily click on the different numbers next to the game itself to see how the different paylines run. Some games have 243 winnings, this should not be combined with profit lines as it’s not the same. This means that a game, though, always has a lot of different paylines, but also that you can win on other variants, such as the symbols in a specific sequence, even if there is no direct line the symbols follow. In addition, these 243 ways can lead to other winnings, through wilds, scatter, and others.

What may be good to know when it comes to profit lines is that you often pay for each line. The more lines you want to bet, the more you have to deposit for each individual spin. There are also slot machines where you always play on a fixed number of paylines, then often 10.

Slot Machines – Symbols

What you will soon notice when you sit and play at a slot machine is that you are introduced to a variety of different symbols. At first, it may seem impossible to understand all these symbols, what they mean and who you want. Of course, it is different from slot machines to slot machines, but there are definitely some general guidelines that you can have with you when you start playing. Once you have understood the basics, it will be easy to imply any new symbols in new games and so on. The first and simplest symbols are 10, Jack, Lady, King, and Ace. Alternatively, 10, J, Q, K, A as they are usually symbolized on the wheels. These symbols are worth a sum, 10 lowest and ace highest. This is almost entirely on all slot machines on the market today, and so far there are many who use these symbols. However, more and more games have begun to replace the actual symbols of 10, J, Q, K, and A against some other pictures/symbols. You can always get an information box to see which symbols correspond to 10-ace when you play the game. The reason is that you need at least three identical symbols in a specific sequence, linked to paylines (see above) for a profit. If you get four symbols in sequence, this win is worth more and five symbols in one line are therefore worth even more. linked to pay lines (see above) for a profit. If you get four symbols in sequence, this win is worth more and five symbols in one line are therefore worth even more. linked to paylines (see above) for a profit. If you get four symbols in sequence, this win is worth more and five symbols in one line are therefore worth even more.

Slot Machine – Free Spins & Scatter

The most common terms in slot machines are free spins. This is something most players chase and many British online casino players attract their players. You can get free spins such as a welcome bonus, but when it comes to free spins while you play, it works in a different way. By getting a number of different symbols in a specific sequence or the like, you can get free spins, which are often performed on a bonus track or the like. The most common set of free spins is that you as a player collect “Scatter symbols”. Some games give you free spins otherwise, but when scatter is the most common way, this is what we are going into. The absolute majority of slot machines on the casino online today have five wheels. On these five wheels, it spins between 3-5 symbols per wheel and spin. The standard form for getting free spins through scatter is that you will get a total of three Scatter symbols on these five reels, usually, they do not require them to come in any particular way (in any specific line).

As you get these scatter symbols, it is not uncommon for you to be taken into any kind of specific bonus game where you get your free spins. The standard at slot machines is that three scatter gives you 10 free spins to start with. These free spins can often be increased when you get more scatter symbols under the bonus track or any other function a particular game uses.

It’s no wonder that free spins have become extremely popular among players since many games have superb bonus courses since free spins are worth extra or, perhaps even more often, always giving a profit. Thus, on the ten (or more or less) free spins you win every spin will result in some kind of win. Another common variation is that the number of wild symbols (read about wild symbols below) increases immensely and furthermore results in your winnings being multiplied the number of times.

This is, as I said, the most common way how free spins work on slot machines today, and above all how it has looked like today. If you are wondering about free spins at any specific slot machine, we hope you find the above. If not, do not hesitate to contact us, and we’ll make a review soon.

Slot Machine – Wild

The Wild Symbol is one of the most interesting on a slot machine. It can appear in many different ways and you will never be tired of this symbol. Wild often appears both in the basic round and in bonus rounds and the like. This is the symbol that game providers have developed most in recent years and below you can read about all the different variants a wild symbol may occur in. What is the basic idea behind a game is about a joker. This symbol can replace any other symbol (but often the scatter and bonus exception), which means that you get much easier winning combinations on your wheels. You can often get wilder on different wheels under the same spin, which means you can quickly get winning lines with four or five symbols in sequence.

When a wild enters the bonus track, it may often take another form. In many slot machines, you will notice that a game always accompanies the reels under the bonus track, sometimes multiplying your winnings or anything else. Read below about different variants of wild symbols.

Stacked wild

A stacked wild is when an image symbol covers an entire wheel. It may be that three (or more) identical wild symbols are stacked to each other, but with today’s 3D graphics, it is often a special symbol that covers the entire wheel. For example, a character from the game or the like. Getting stacked wild results in the fact that you can win lots of different variants very quickly.

Sticky wild

A sticky wild is a wild symbol that comes up in any position and then stays there under a number of turns. A regular symbol during bonus rounds, but you see it from time to time.

Changing wild

A shifting, shifting, wild is like a sticky wild, but instead of staying in the same place, it skips to another position on any other wheel, horizontally. Depending on where it first occurs you have the opportunity to have a wild symbol like this during five spins.

Expanding wildlife

An expanding, expanding wild is often like a stacked wild, but it usually expands over a wheel during several turns.

Multiplying Wild

A multiplying, multiplier, wild is a game that not only helps you to easily get winning lines. In addition, this symbol will multiply your win a number of times. There are a lot of variants of this. The symbol you see to the right here is from a slot machine that has a multiplying wild up to 5 times.

Slot Machine – Jackpot

Jackpot is something extremely common when we talk about slot machines. However, the majority of slot machines coming into today’s market do not have a jackpot, but you still have the opportunity to win a lot through their maximum bonus courses and more. There are some very famous jackpots, such as Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. Both of these slot machines with jackpot have awarded outstanding wins to a few players. Today, many slot machines share a progressive jackpot, to work up the sum in the jackpot fast! The most famous of these jackpots today is exactly the one with Mega Moolah, which this game shares with, among other things, The Dark Knight.

This is at least what we mean today when we discuss a jackpot. The meaning of the word is of course simply the highest win, which of course all slot machines have any. Jackpot is something you can always look for when you enter a British online casino, as most have a specified category for this particular game category. Jackpot games generally have slightly worse RTP or refund rates than other slot machines. This is because they need to maintain a slightly larger part of the efforts to be able to just build their jackpot. An approximate RTP on a slot without a jackpot is 95%. In a slot machine with a jackpot, RTP is just under 90%. To read more about RTP or refund rates, please refer to our Casino Lexicon.