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Live Casino or Live Dealer Casino is a relatively new addition and concept in British online casino. The game islive casino bunnythe same as those at regular online casino but with a wonderful extra feature; You have a dealer who in real time talks with you and takes care of your gambling. Be careful, it’s a dealer or croupier, which depends on the kind of casino game you choose to play live, so you connect to an actual casino where a person already has a game running. Virtually you sit down at the table, next to other players who also play live casino, and do your bet. In the meantime, if you want, you can contact your dealer or croupier through a chat box. You will be answered either by chat, but usually by the dealer talking directly to you. It is an extremely fun way to play online casino and we will be sure to see very much live casino 2021. Remember to always play moderately and only if you are at least 18 years old!

Play Live Casino 2021 here:

UK-Gambling Max Bonus * ratings
West Casino 6000 £ + 200 Free Spins 8.2
Boombet closed 1.2
Viggo Slots 10,000 £ + 170 Free Spins 9.0
Uplayma 5000 £ 8.2

* Bonus listed in the table is the maximum bonus you can get as a new player, often after your first deposit. Special bonus terms always apply as you can read at the casino in question. Make sure the bonus is still valid before you register and start playing. We reserve ourselves for any error messages. Always play responsibly! Age limit of 18+ years applies.

Live Casinon 2021 – Better Than Ever

Who recently started playing at live casino 2021 will soon understand the grandeur of playing this way. Developments are constantly evolving and more and more gaming providers want to make money on this game. For this reason you will see very much live casino 2021 and have the opportunity to play all kinds of casino games on a variety of tables, bets and other. Play at live casinos 2021 today by selecting one of our recommended live casinos above. Or visit which also recommends many good live casinos.

Closer to this, you probably will not be able to leave the sofa. Of course, it may sometimes be fun to go to land-based casinos, meet people and really feel the mood. However, sometimes it may be geographically impossible, time-consuming, complex, or just generally intrusive. In these cases, a live casino is the optimum. The efforts that can be made are reminiscent of online casino, in other words, there is something for everyone. At the lowest tables of, for example, BlackJack, it’s about 1 crown in bet, but at the same time there are high roller tables where you can put several thousand crowns on one hand. Right up to you, of course. Communication with your dealer is streamed via a video link and you will feel like one in the room.
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For those who have doubts about how an online casino may be rigged or not, which it is not, we understand that there are doubts. In this case, live casino is also a perfect way to play. Through the video stream you will see the cards being distributed, the ball is spinning in the roulette table or the like. The digitally automated process that you otherwise experience is gone, and what you see is what you get. A lovely feeling!

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Games through live casino are much more costly for a casino to provide than their regular online casino. Both through the heavy technical work of building each individual game, but also because this actually requires constant working staff. In addition to the actual dealer or croupier, it requires cameramen, manufacturers and so on. The risk of any technical problems, of course, also increases with live broadcasts, which means that a casino must constantly be prepared for any problems that may arise and need to be fixed quickly.Live Casino – Casino Games

Due to these more costly solutions, there is not a really wide range of live casino games available at regular online casino. The most common, and most popular, games are BlackJack, Roulette and Baccarat, all of which are more or less offered at most casinos receiving live casino. However, there are many variants if you are looking around among all the different online casino. The biggest game developers also expand their entire range of games, so slowly but surely it will be guaranteed to be all games that may be interesting to try.

Depending on the layout of different online casinos, you may sometimes be able to play directly through your TV. In this case, your remote control integrates so that you can put your bet, communicate and so on. However, the most common are those made for web interfaces and you play through your computer or mobile device.

Several game developers constantly work with live casinos of different kinds. The market leaders in this category of casino games are Evolution Gaming, which has a fantastic range of games made for a wide variety of platforms. Many British casino collaborate with Evolution Gaming, thus offering large portions of their gaming offerings through live casinos in 2021. In addition to Evolution Gaming, British NetEnt and Microgaming are some of the game developers who are increasingly starting to play live casino 2021.