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Here you can read about both British casino games and international casino games online, where the most common game type is slot machines, but also about the most popular table games online such as BlackJack and Roulette. For example, learn how casino games like slot machines work, what the different wheels and symbols mean, and how you win. In addition, we write about what’s special about casino games 2021 and what to expect from new games in the future. Of course, casino games 2021 will offer even more exciting formats. If you are interested in the men and women who are behind all the fantastic casino games online today, we can talk about our game providers page.

British Casinospel – BlackJack

BlackJack, one of the games at the casino. The game is based on winning a dealer by getting the right playing card. On a BlackJack table, multiple players can sit at the same time, everyone plays against the dealer and does not affect your game. You will get as close to 21 as possible, but definitely not over, then you will become “fat” and lose this gift immediately. A new start starts with your bet, which in the most common casino game consists of chips. Depending on the table you are at, there are rules for the minimum and maximum effort. At highroller tables each bet can be about several hundred dollars. At the tables with the lowest bet it is enough to bet a dollar or less. The dealer initially issues two cards to you, turning upwards. At the same time, the dealer gives himself two cards, but only one is turned upwards.

Valves 10, Jack, Lady and King are all worth ten points. Therefore, it is highly probable that you will receive a card that is worth 10. Ace is worth either 1 or 11, which you choose. Remaining cards, 2-9, are worth their values. Once you have received your two cards you have the opportunity to take more. If the sum of the two is under 12, you should definitely take anotherBritish casino games blackjackone (as mentioned above, you can not get a card worth more than 10, and pulling another card at this time means 0% risk of becoming “thick”). But remember, if you get over 21, you lose. For example, if you received a seven and an eight you have a total of 15 points. If you choose to take another card, the likelihood of getting thick is high. Once you have taken as many cards as you want to take, the dealer’s turn is short. The dealer begins by reversing his hidden card. Depending on what the two cards show, the dealer rules have to be based on. This must go short as long as the amount of the cards is 16 or lower, but must stay at 17 or more. For example, if the dealer has received a four and a tie on his two cards, this has 14. This means that the dealer must take another card (under 17-). If the dealer gets eight or more, the dealer becomes fat and you win the game. When you get a card of the denominator 10 and an ace, you get BlackJack! This results in 1.5 times the effort. If you bet £ 100, you win 150. If you win in another way, win one win the bet.

Of course, it’s a lot of luck involved when you play casino games, including BlackJack. However, there are actually a number of basic rules you should work for to have a better chance of winning. The diagram on the right shows how to act in different hands.

British Casinospel – Roulette

Casinos have been around for a long time and among the first, and still the biggest, is Roulette. Roulette means small wheels, and came already in the 19th century. Francois and Louis Blanc developed the game played today. From the beginning the game was banned in France, where the brothers came from, so the game was quickly taken to Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Roulette assumes that a bullet may spin around in a bowl marked with numbers 0-36. Trays 1-36 are alternately colored in black and red respectively. The zero is green. The bowl rotates to a hole while the croupier throws the ball to the opposite direction. When the ball finally stops, it ends in one of the above-mentioned compartments. This slot will also be the winning number and the winning color.

Simple, not true! What makes the game a bit more complex, but also a lot more fun is the variety of bets. See below how a roulette table looks.

British casino roulette

As shown above, there are a great variety of opportunities to bet your chips to win money. The easiest way is to bet on one or more numbers. This is done simply by adding one or more chips to the number you think will win. Of course, this also gives the best dividend as the odds are worst to win on just one number. Another, much more likely variant to win is color. If you choose to place a marker on red and this will be the winning color, you win one bet your bet. The zero, in green color, results in the fact that you do not really have 50% chance of winning on a specific color, but very close. In addition to this there are a large number of other variants to bet that some of the first 12 numbers will be hit by the ball, that some uneven number will be winning, and so on.

By 2021, many casino games will be further developed and we will be sure to see variants of slot machines, slots and table games as technology progresses and players demand better and better graphics and more fun features when they try out new casino games 2021 For example, VR, virtual reality, will certainly be something on everyone’s lips with those who will play casino games 2021.

Casino Games 2021

Everything points to the 2021 casino game to beat all expectations. We have already released the first truly technical casino games such as VR games and slot machines with more advanced technical features and cinematic 3D graphics. All this will be sharpened and make casino games 2021 a real wave of online entertainment. At UK-Gambling, you can count on the fact that we will always keep team ahead and report on the latest in casino games 2021. Follow us on social media to make sure you do not miss any news that has with future exciting casino games 2021 to do.

British Casino Games – Slot Machines

Slot machines, also called slots and slot machines, are a casino game that has been much longer than slot machine British casinomost may think. Already in the late 1800s, slot machines of different kinds began to exist, primarily in the United States. Technology and interest have changed enormously since then, and today we can see slot machines at online casino, land based British casino and everywhere in the world. What started with pulling a lever on the side of the machine has been replaced by buttons on displays, sound effects have been added and much, much more.

The goal of slot machines, like most other British casino games you meet online, is to win money. This by getting a certain number of symbols in a certain sequence. Slots have in the most common cases 3 or 5 adjacent spinning wheels. Depending on where each of these wheels stops, a number of symbols end up in a certain sequence. On newer machines you have the opportunity to win on a large number of different formations of symbols – so-called paylines, paylines. There are casino games with several 100 paylines, but a regular variation is 20 to 25. The first slot machines that were available had only one winning line, the one that hit my way through all the wheels.

There are many different variants to make your efforts on today’s machines. You can often choose to bet anywhere between 10 öre up to 100 £onor or the like. In addition, you sometimes have the opportunity to bet on how many paylines you want to play. The more lines you choose to play, the higher your bet. But at the same time you have a much greater chance of winning.

The different symbols you can get are worth a lot different. There is almost always a symbol worth a little extra, and filling a whole row with this symbol can make a very big profit. If you are playing a slot machine at British casino today you will be able to print an information screen that describes how big the winnings are for each individual symbol. What many players are looking for is what is called a jackpot. A jackpot, it’s only some slot machines that have. At the online casino, some slot machines have a shared jackpot with other slot machines. This means that in all winnings a number of slot machines will be added to a pot. Whoever is the happy winner of this pot has won a jackpot. A jackpot does not have to be huge, but in some cases it has been worth many millions of dollars.

Slot Machines – History

In 1891, the two Americans Sittman and Pitt in Brooklyn, New York began to work on something that would become a world-wide invention – the slot machine! This first slot machine was a big machine consisting of five drums or wheels, each of which had ten images on playing cards from an ordinary card game. The idea of ​​these symbols was that the player would try to achieve as good a poker hand as possible when the five drums stopped.

This slot machine was initially set in various bars and quickly became a success. Sittman and Pitt had not been able to invent a good payout system, so the machine only paid in money as the players bet. As a result, the bars had to pay their profits over the bar. However, not in the form of money, but prices from the barrack. For example, did you get a cupboard, you might have a beer, and one color gave a snaps or the like.

Obviously, this system was not sustainable in the long run, both because it became a bit bitter for the bars with the payments itself, but mainly because the large amount of winning combinations made it virtually impossible to find a smooth reward system.

With this in mind, a man took part at Charles Fey in the development of the slot machine and at the end of the 19th century his world-famous Liberty Bell came out. This is considered to be the first official slot machine.

Liberty Bell consisted of five different symbols, namely Liberty Bell, Horseshoes, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. By reducing the number of wheels while reducing the number of symbols from ten to five, the number of earnings decreased considerably. This made it easier to program the slot machine to calculate winnings for the various variations of symbols that could come up to the middle of the slot machine. Getting three Liberty Bells resulted in the biggest win, and may well be said to be the origin of the expression jackpot. As this slot machine was so well-functioning, it became powerful and sought after quickly across the United States. However, there was a minor backlash for Fey when the casino game was banned in the country just a few years later. However, this contributed to Fey’s ability to go outside the US:

operator bell British casino gameThe slot machine was thus considered illegal for a number of years in the United States, but after a few years of this boring legislation, the machine became legal again. When this happened, a man named Herbert Mills quickly produced and produced a “copy” of Liberty Bell, named Operator Bell in 1907. Operator Bell also made this a great success quickly and his vending machines were placed on various bars, brothels and others places. First in his hometown of Chicago, but later in many other places in the world.

This type of slot machine ruled in the world for many of the years, until the day technology evolved so much that the next step could be taken. The first staggering steps towards what is now seen as a gaming machine in most eyes, was made in 1976 by some of the Las Vegas-based companies Fortune Coin Co. This slot machine was the one officially called the first video tape. Thus, the screen no longer consisted of physical wheels and drums, without all displaying on a display. In connection with this, the lever, from which the single bandit got its name, was no longer necessary. The lever was now replaced by a simple button at the center of the machine to simplify the player. However, the lever still exists today on a large number of slot machines on British casino games! This mainly to give a nostalgic mood to the machine.

See all our recommended British casinos with British casino games 2021. Remember to always play responsibly on slots that is a turn-by-turn game. You must be 18 years old to play online for money. Always read the bonus terms and conditions of the casino before creating your game account. Finally, we want to say good luck and hope you have a fun moment at the game table!